Betting for Your Choices in Every Step

On an average weekday, Unibet quickly has tens of thousands of sports bets ready for you. There are even days when the limit of 100,000 different betting options is broken. Not bad right? On the live betting page, the offer is slightly less extensive, but Unibet is still among the top bookmakers. Few betting platforms can be found on which there are more live bets than at Unibet.

For the Live Stream

The live stream also provides a complete betting experience. You just need to have a positive balance and you can already watch unlimited games via Unibet TV. Thanks to the handy streaming list, you can even immediately see which matches the bookmaker will broadcast live in the coming hours. The offer is certainly not disappointing. Approximately 40,000 sports matches are watched per year via Unibet TV, ranging from football and tennis to snooker or basketball. Make a visit to for the perfect options.

A user-friendly platform with a few useful extras

Unibet started in 1997 with a few clear goals. For example, the platform had to be simple and user-friendly. Continuous innovation was also an important spearhead of the bookmaker from the first moment. The gambling world never stands still and a good bookmaker must be able to respond to those changing needs and possibilities.

  • These kinds of ideas are great, although it remains to be seen whether they will actually be implemented. Because is the Unibet platform indeed as user-friendly as the bookmaker had in mind? The first thing to notice is that Unibet has a very recognizable platform. The green, white and black house style immediately shows that you have arrived at Unibet. The website is also logically laid out and the pages load quickly. The Unibet platform is certainly user-friendly. Although new players sometimes have to get used to all the information that comes to them. Unibet sees the sportsbook homepage as the place to give information about live matches, upcoming matches, the best bets for fans of Belgian football, for fans of tennis and so on. Fortunately, you can also ignore all these lists and just use the search function.

Last Words

When it comes to innovations, Unibet is not the most progressive bookmaker. For example, a bookmaker like Betfirst offers many more new and sometimes experimental options. Still, Unibet is not doing badly. For example, you can put together your bets yourself via the Bet Builder. This option is far from available with every sport, but the beginning is there. And that cash-out option? Of course it is fully available if you are going to bet live on sports.